The benefits of professional Teeth Whitening in Arlington

Teeth whitening is currently the most popular cosmetic dental procedure is America. Why? It is fast, affordable, and conservative. Yet, it can yield dramatic results.

What can whiter teeth do for you?

  • Make a great first impression on business associates, romantic interests, and potential friends.
  • According to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry, over 99 percent of adults believe an attractive smile is important.
  • Boost your self-esteem every time you look in a mirror.
  • According to Sociolinguist Albert Mehrabian, over half of all communication is non-verbal. People “listen” to the message conveyed by your body language and facial expressions more than what you say.
  • Seventy-four percent of adults believe that a bright smile can improve your career success.
  • Whiter teeth look younger, because stains accumulate with time.
  • A brilliant smile can help you look healthier, happier, and more outgoing.
  • If you wonder what effect teeth whitening can have on your romantic life, consider this. About one third of American adults say that they will only kiss a person with white teeth.

Two convenient options

At-home whitening gives you a brilliant smile with ultimate convenience. Your trays are custom made from impressions for a snug, leak free fit. We will provide you with professional formula whitener and complete instructions. Your teeth lighten gradually with daily use. Optimal results are seen after about two weeks.

In-office teeth whitening with ZOOM! is probably the fastest way to improve the appearance of your smile. It is safe and gentle, because soft tissues are protected before the powerful bleaching agent is applied. A special activation light is applied, to hasten and improve the results. After 15 minutes, the process is repeated. With just three 15-minute sessions, your smile is sparking. The entire appointment only takes about an hour, and it can lighten your smile up to eight shades.

You can have a sparkling smile in time for that class reunion, wedding, or other special event. However, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to improve your smile. Call Columbia Pike Family Dentistry in Arlington, VA, at 571-312-4111 and schedule your teeth whitening appointment today.

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Why Arlington area patients often seek Professional Teeth Whitening solutions

While there are numerous teeth whitening options available for patients at the local drugstore, many of them fail to provide effective results. Patients who consider bleaching their teeth do so in order to enjoy a more beautiful smile. For superior results, choose to go with a service and product that provides professional results such as the bleaching systems available to patients in the Arlington area through Columbia Pike Dentistry.

We believe in providing our patients with quality treatments that can not only improve their dental health but also provide aesthetic improvements. We offer professional-grade products that can be used to enhance the natural beauty of the smile dramatically. Professional teeth whitening services can whiten the enamel of the teeth up to eight shades whiter.

Many people who turn to the team at Columbia Pike Dentistry for professional teeth whitening services do so because they have been unable to achieve the results they desire using over-the-counter products. Whitening strips, trays, and gels available in the dental care aisle at the local store may not offer the same dramatic improvements. In fact, many of them fall short of delivering even noticeable results for many who have tried them.

Columbia Pike Dentistry offers two methods of teeth whitening for true results, take-home whitening trays and in-office power bleaching. Both are incredibly effective at achieving the best results available to patients ready for a dramatic change. The take-home trays allow patients to control their whitening over the course of several weeks, while the in-office power bleaching provides almost immediate results. Rejuvenation of the smile is easy with either method.

Dr. Goel and the team at Columbia Pike Dentistry in the Arlington area are committed to improving the health and beauty of patient smiles. If you live in or around the community and are ready to enjoy the benefits of professional teeth whitening services, contact our team today. We are happy to help new and existing patients with the care and attention necessary to address oral health and wellness.

Arlington area Dentist describes the at-home Teeth Whitening system

Arlington area patients who are considering whitening their smile may have already turned to their local drugstore for over-the-counter solutions. Unfortunately, many of these products do not have the strength and effectiveness professional grade products do. This is why Drs. Sanjeev Goel and Malika Kohli of Columbia Pike Dentistry in Arlington recommend patients strongly consider the benefits of teeth whitening products through their practice for dramatic results.

Drs. Sanjeev Goel and Malika Kohli provide two methods of whitening through their state-of-the-art practice, Zoom! in-office power bleaching and at-home teeth whitening trays. Both systems are effective though each have their own advantages. Zoom! in-office power bleaching takes place in the dental office under the supervision of Drs. Sanjeev Goel and Malika Kohli, while the take-home kits are done by patients in the privacy of their own homes. Zoom! is more expensive but can provide almost immediate results, while the take-home trays take longer but are more economical. Regardless, many patients find that the professional grade products are much more effective at providing transformative results than anything available over-the-counter.

At-home teeth whitening is done with custom-made whitening trays fabricated from impressions of the upper and lower dental arches. This ensures a great fit and allows the bleaching gel to cover all visible areas of the tooth enamel for full coverage. Patients are educated on how to use the gel properly to reduce the likelihood of sensitivity and are welcome to ask any questions they may have about the whitening process while speaking with Drs. Sanjeev Goel and Malika Kohli of Columbia Pike Dentistry. Patients will notice results in approximately a few weeks after using the trays for about one hour a day. The benefit of take-home whitening trays is patients can continue to obtain whitening gel to maintain the results and rejuvenate their smiles whenever they please!

If you live in or around the Arlington community and have considered teeth whitening solutions, contact the team of Columbia Pike Dentistry today to schedule a consultation appointment and learn about the many ways you can brighten your smile and attain that Hollywood look you’ve always wanted!

Options to brighten your smile

As we go through life, there are various factors that may cause teeth to become dull and discolored. Rather than live with a smile you are not proud to show, investigate how you can brighten it up with teeth whitening in our Arlington practice.

Professional teeth whitening techniques have been around for several years, and have been proven to achieve beautiful results. As often happens when a professional treatment becomes popular, commercial manufacturers caught on to the demand for whiter teeth and responded with a variety of low-cost alternatives to professional treatment. Although whitening strips from your local store may be easily accessible and very low in cost, results from such products are quite limited due to the amount of whitening agent allowable for commercial whiteners. The most effective whitening still comes from your dentist.

Patients who wish to remove years off their smile can benefit from either at-home or in-office treatments. An at-home teeth whitening kit is easy to use, and lightens teeth by several shades within a few weeks of daily use. Professional care using an at-home kit begins with the patient visiting our office for impressions of the upper and lower arches. Using molds of the patient’s teeth, custom-fit trays are created. The customization of the tray allows for better application of professional grade whitening agents with a lowered risk of irritation to gums.

For those who wish to revive their smile without delay, there is Zoom! teeth whitening. Performed in our office, this whitening method is completed in less than ninety minutes, while the patient sits comfortably in the chair listening to music, watching television, or reading. In this safe and effective treatment, the gums and lips are covered with a protective barrier and whitening agent is applied to the teeth. A specialized light is then directed onto teeth, activating the whitening agent. With a single treatment, teeth are lightened to their optimal shade.

We all like to make a good first impression. By rejuvenating the smile with teeth whitening, you can feel confident in your appearance. Contact us for your teeth whitening appointment today.

Are you a candidate for Dental Bleaching in Arlington?

Nothing can compare to a sparkling white smile. It radiates a brilliance that can light up a room, brighten a day, and make an unforgettable first impression. Unfortunately, time, habits, health conditions, and other factors can steal the brilliance from your pearly whites, leaving you with a dark, dingy, yellowish, or brownish smile. Professional teeth whitening is a simple, inexpensive, convenient solution for most people.

Safety concerns

Our most important consideration is always your health and safety. This is rarely a concern with whitening, because the procedure is exceptionally safe when performed properly. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Tooth sensitivity and zingers (sharp pains in your teeth) are a more common concern. While they are not dangerous, they are certainly not desirable side effects. Untreated cavities or excessive tooth wear may require treatment prior to whitening, because these conditions can expose sensitive inner layers of the tooth. To ensure that your treatment is comfortable as possible, they type or strength of the product may be adjusted if you are prone to sensitivity.

Will it work?

Although teeth whitening is safe for virtually anyone, it may not be the most effective solution in every situation. Some of the most common issues include:

  • Dental restorations – Porcelain, zirconia, resin, and other dental materials do not respond to teeth whitening formulas. Therefore, if you have visible restorations, they would remain the same color while the surrounding tooth enamel lightened. If you are unhappy with the color of your smile, you may need to update old dental work with new, lighter-colored, natural looking cosmetic materials.
  • Cavities – Whiteners are formulated for tooth enamel. If you have untreated deep cavities, exposing inner tooth layers or nerves, teeth whitening could become a painful experience.
  • Intrinsic staining – Most stains begin on the surface, and gradually penetrate the porous enamel. Bleaching gels applied to the surface also penetrate the enamel, eradicating common discoloration. However, intrinsic staining is inside of the tooth, and therefore it may not respond to bleaching. Porcelain veneers can cover those stains, and correct other cosmetic issues as well.
  • Naturally dark tooth color – In youth, our teeth are generally very bright and even-toned. However, even before discoloration begins, some people have a darker enamel color than others. If you want ultra-white teeth, veneers may be a better option.

Let us help you reveal your brightest, most beautiful smile. Call 571-312-4111 and schedule a consultation at Columbia Pike Family Dentistry in Arlington to learn about your best teeth whitening options.