Why Arlington area patients often seek Professional Teeth Whitening solutions

While there are numerous teeth whitening options available for patients at the local drugstore, many of them fail to provide effective results. Patients who consider bleaching their teeth do so in order to enjoy a more beautiful smile. For superior results, choose to go with a service and product that provides professional results such as the bleaching systems available to patients in the Arlington area through Columbia Pike Dentistry.

We believe in providing our patients with quality treatments that can not only improve their dental health but also provide aesthetic improvements. We offer professional-grade products that can be used to enhance the natural beauty of the smile dramatically. Professional teeth whitening services can whiten the enamel of the teeth up to eight shades whiter.

Many people who turn to the team at Columbia Pike Dentistry for professional teeth whitening services do so because they have been unable to achieve the results they desire using over-the-counter products. Whitening strips, trays, and gels available in the dental care aisle at the local store may not offer the same dramatic improvements. In fact, many of them fall short of delivering even noticeable results for many who have tried them.

Columbia Pike Dentistry offers two methods of teeth whitening for true results, take-home whitening trays and in-office power bleaching. Both are incredibly effective at achieving the best results available to patients ready for a dramatic change. The take-home trays allow patients to control their whitening over the course of several weeks, while the in-office power bleaching provides almost immediate results. Rejuvenation of the smile is easy with either method.

Dr. Goel and the team at Columbia Pike Dentistry in the Arlington area are committed to improving the health and beauty of patient smiles. If you live in or around the community and are ready to enjoy the benefits of professional teeth whitening services, contact our team today. We are happy to help new and existing patients with the care and attention necessary to address oral health and wellness.