What Is a Full Smile Makeover From Your Arlington Cosmetic Dentist?

In the not too distant past, truly dazzling smiles were reserved for a few fortunate individuals. Those who were not naturally blessed with natural teeth had few options. When teeth became damaged, they were rarely restored in an attractive fashion. Fortunately, the field of dentistry has evolved dramatically since that time. With modern cosmetic dentistry, the possibilities are endless.

A smile makeover is not a single procedure. Instead, it is a highly customized plan, designed to give you the smile of your dreams. Do you have multiple esthetic complaints? Bring them to Columbia Pike Family Dentistry in Arlington, VA, and prepare to be amazed!

How is a smile makeover planned?

The process begins with an oral examination, and a cosmetic consultation with one of our talented dentists. You will be encouraged to describe your “ideal smile” in detail, and bring photo examples if available. The better we understand your goals, the better equipped we are to make them a reality.

We will work with you to determine what adjustments should be made, and what procedures are best. Designing an attractive, natural looking smile requires a unique blend of art, science, and advanced dental skills. Some of the factors that affect your optimal smile design include:

  • Tooth color
  • Spacing
  • Missing teeth
  • Symmetry
  • Facial proportions
  • Micro-esthetics

What to expect

The number of appointments, duration or treatment, and techniques involved will depend on your unique smile makeover plan. However, the general steps to creating your smile include:

  • If you are in pain, or have oral health problems such as infection, those issues will be given priority.
  • Teeth whitening is generally recommended before restorations are planned, so the porcelain can be color-matched to your brightest smile.
  • Dental crowns are often used to restore badly damaged or worn down teeth. Cosmetic fillings or bonding may be recommended for minor issues.
  • Veneers are often part of smile makeovers, as they can correct cosmetic flaws conservatively and effectively.
  • We work with a top-quality dental laboratory, so restorations are made with precision accuracy using the finest materials.
  • Dental implants are usually recommended for patients missing teeth, because they are the most beautiful, stable, long lasting solution available.

Let us help you love your smile. Call Columbia Pike Family Dentistry at 571-312-4111 and schedule a cosmetic consultation to learn more about achieving your dazzling smile!