Options to brighten your smile

As we go through life, there are various factors that may cause teeth to become dull and discolored. Rather than live with a smile you are not proud to show, investigate how you can brighten it up with teeth whitening in our Arlington practice.

Professional teeth whitening techniques have been around for several years, and have been proven to achieve beautiful results. As often happens when a professional treatment becomes popular, commercial manufacturers caught on to the demand for whiter teeth and responded with a variety of low-cost alternatives to professional treatment. Although whitening strips from your local store may be easily accessible and very low in cost, results from such products are quite limited due to the amount of whitening agent allowable for commercial whiteners. The most effective whitening still comes from your dentist.

Patients who wish to remove years off their smile can benefit from either at-home or in-office treatments. An at-home teeth whitening kit is easy to use, and lightens teeth by several shades within a few weeks of daily use. Professional care using an at-home kit begins with the patient visiting our office for impressions of the upper and lower arches. Using molds of the patient’s teeth, custom-fit trays are created. The customization of the tray allows for better application of professional grade whitening agents with a lowered risk of irritation to gums.

For those who wish to revive their smile without delay, there is Zoom! teeth whitening. Performed in our office, this whitening method is completed in less than ninety minutes, while the patient sits comfortably in the chair listening to music, watching television, or reading. In this safe and effective treatment, the gums and lips are covered with a protective barrier and whitening agent is applied to the teeth. A specialized light is then directed onto teeth, activating the whitening agent. With a single treatment, teeth are lightened to their optimal shade.

We all like to make a good first impression. By rejuvenating the smile with teeth whitening, you can feel confident in your appearance. Contact us for your teeth whitening appointment today.