Making cavities disappear with Cosmetic Fillings in Arlington

Tooth decay is a progressive problem. Once you have a cavity, it will keep growing until it is treated. For many years, the only solution available to most people was unsightly metal fillings. Today, we have a beautiful, healthy, natural-looking alternative to silver fillings. Cosmetic fillings can be color matched to the surrounding tooth enamel, so that no one will ever notice you had a cavity.

The differences in filling materials
Traditional fillings are made of a metal alloy (amalgam), which certainly does not resemble tooth enamel. At Columbia Pike Family Dentistry, we offer cosmetic fillings using advanced composite resin. It differs from old-style silver filling material in many ways:

  • Color matching – The resin base is naturally white, and it is tinted for a precise match with the surrounding tooth enamel. A properly applied composite filling is indiscernible, leaving your tooth looking beautiful and natural.
  • Tooth preparation – Amalgam does not bond with the tooth. Therefore, the dentist must enlarge and shape the cavity, so that the filling flares outward inside of the tooth, keeping it in place. Resin actually forms a strong bond with the tooth and it can accommodate any shape of cavity. Therefore, only the diseased part of the tooth is removed, and the healthy portion is left intact.
  • Thermal expansion – The design of a metal filling essentially traps it in the tooth, which is effective for keeping it in place. However, it has no expansion room when it is heated. This can cause undue stress on the surrounding tooth structure when eating or drinking something hot, risking tooth fracture. Composite fillings are as gentle on your teeth as they are beautiful.
  • Technical skill – Dr. Goel and Dr. Kohli have extensive training and experience in working with composite resin and other cosmetic materials. This type of filling is especially technique sensitive and therefore challenging for less skilled professionals.

Your smile is a work of art, and it should be restored with the same care and attention to detail as one would give to the restoration of a priceless painting. If you have cavities, turn to the dental artisans at Columbia Pike Family Dentistry in Arlington. Call 571-312-4111 and schedule your appointment today.