Dental Technology

Digital X-ray Services In Arlington VA

Traditionally, dentists have used x-ray imaging to get a clear picture of what’s going on in your mouth, below the surface of the gums and tooth enamel. However, Columbia Pike Family Dentistry in Arlington VA utilizes the advanced technology of digital radiography, also known as digital x-ray technology!

  • This form of imaging has several significant advantages:
  • It is more comfortable for the patient. A small sensor is placed into the mouth to digitally capture a panoramic series of images of the whole mouth.
  • The process is efficient – the images are stored electronically, with no need for a chemical developing process.
  • The photos may be enhanced for clarity (instead of having to take additional x-rays), or sent electronically to another doctor if necessary.
  • The patient is exposed to less radiation than with conventional x-rays.

Dr. Kohli uses diagnostic radiographs to detect decay or bone loss, and to understand the exact positioning of your teeth.

To learn more about our digital x-ray services and how they can benefit you, please give us a call at our Arlington VA dentist office near Rosslyn today!